Summer Pass

Summer Pass is your 

one week get-away!

New Fun Theme Every Day


Join us this summer for a snack, fun in the park, then explore a themed adventure. Each day is different so make sure you sign-up for the whole week! Look below and follow our easy two-step process to join in on the fun!


Join us again in July of 2021!

2020 Recap!


How do I officially sign up for Summer Pass?

Step 1: Pay for Summer Pass. Click on your personalized Summer Pass days above through our store.

Step 2: Complete child registration with this link. This form is needed before your child arrives for our event.

Step 3: Show up at 9 am in July to start having fun!


What do I need to bring?

A big smile on your face, comfortable clothing, and your lunch. We will provide a lot of fun, silly entertainment, and a snack!

Where do I make a payment?​         

You will have the option to pay online through our store or feel free to bring a check made out to the Kearney Enrichment Council when you arrive. 

Is my kid in the right grade?

Children going into the 2nd grade, or just finished the 9th grade are included. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Is anyone First Aid/CPR Certified?

We guarantee that we have an American Red Cross certified individual each day to ensure your children's safety. 

Do you do this type of program year round?

Make sure you check out our Spark Studios program! This runs from September - May each year and is full of similar programming. 

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