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Shop with a Cop is a program done entirely on a volunteer basis by Officers of the Kearney Missouri Police Department and the Kearney Enrichment Council that collects donations and hosts fundraisers to foster positive relationships between youth in the Kearney School District and Officers of the Kearney Police Department. Each year, counselors within the school district provide a list of kiddos in the district that are underprivileged or face other difficulties outside of their control. Contact is made with their parents/guardians and the date is coordinated for the selected kiddos and any other children in the home to go shopping with a Kearney Police Officer at Walmart in Liberty. Each kiddo is given the opportunity to shop for Christmas after their needs (coats, gloves, clothes, etc) are met. More often than not, the kids venture away from the toy/video game section that is expected with today's youth and start shopping in other areas of the store to buy gifts for friends, parents, and siblings. Currently, all funds raised are put directly toward shopping as all other supplies (wrapping paper, tape, bags, batteries, etc) are donated by Walmart. With the spread of COVID-19 and children that are selected sometimes having underlying health conditions, we give parents/guardians the option for Officers to collect "Santa lists" and do shopping without the child. Those gifts are then all wrapped and delivered near Christmas to limit any health complications that may exist. 


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How do I sign up for the Shop with a Cop program?

Kids in the KSD can reach out to their school counselor and notify them that they are interested in being participants in this year's programming. Please do not reach out to us directly if you are interested in the program, as the best people to reach out to are the counselors at each of the schools. 


When do we do the shopping?

December is when we are going to reach out to families and notify them when we are going to go to the store to do the shopping together. 

What do the kids actually receive?  

We let the kids pick out their OWN gifts. This is a great chance for officers to walk around the store with the kids to be able to ensure that they have fun and a merry Christmas. 

How do donate to this program?

There are several ways to give. There is a donate button on this page that will go directly to our bank account. Also, anyone can go to Kearney Trust Company and tell them that they want to make a donation to the Kearney Shop with a Cop program and they will ensure that it gets to the right account.

How many kids do you usually help a year?

We were able to help around 25 kids last year. With more donations, we are hoping to be able to help even more kids! 

Do you just shop for gifts?

No! We also cover a Christmas meal thanks to a generous partnership with Price Chopper to be able to ensure that we can provide a dinner along with plenty of gifts to go under the tree.

Do you take gifts or donations outside of monetary donations?

No. Sadly we do not have room to store any of these items, so we only take monetary donations. If you want to donate new items please reach out to the Kearney Family Foundation which would be able to take them.

Who do I reach out to with questions?

Officer David Parker can help answer questions. Reach out at W: (816-903-2677) or