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Revitalizing Historic Downtown Kearney

Kearney Downtown Revitalization Group

Please join us as we work to revitalize downtown Kearney and enrich our community...bringing entertainment, family-friendly events and more shopping & dining experiences to downtown Kearney.

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  • Organization Action Team 
  • Economic Vitality Action Team
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  • Promotion Action Team

Background on Missouri 
Main Street Connection in Kearney
A National Model with Local Results

In 1977, the National Trust for Historic Preservation launched a downtown revitalization pilot program involving three Midwestern communities. In 1980, the National Trust created the National Main Street Center to disseminate the knowledge developed during the pilot program. Since then, the Main Street Four-Point Approach® has been extended to over 43 states and the District of Columbia. Missouri Main Street Connection Inc. operates Missouri's 
program under the authority of the National Main Street Center, providing revitalization training and 
and mentoring to 159 communities in Missouri.

In 2014, the Kearney Enrichment Council was 
selected in a competitive process to participate in MMSC's cost-sharing Affiliate Grant program that provides technical services, mentoring and training to revitalize our historic downtown. Over the next two years, using their successful national 
model, MMSC will help KDRG establish a self-sustaining revitalization organization to achieve our goals for historic downtown Kearney.

To learn more, contact Jenny Hayes at 816-820-6666.

Vision Statement

Our vision for downtown Kearney is a front porch community with a vibrant, self-supporting economy that is a family-friendly, warm and inviting destination; with an enduring hub of businesses and services, sustained by 21st century infrastructure while maintaining its historic character; with educational and recreational opportunities for all ages.

Mission Statement

The Kearney Downtown Revitalization Group is dedicated to accomplishing its Vision through the enrichment, revitalization and development of Kearney’s historic downtown and by encouraging the Kearney Community to find the courage and confidence to embrace the ideas of growth, prosperity, culture and a walkable downtown.

The Kearney Downtown Revitalization Group (KDRG) is a team of community volunteers 
committed to revitalizing historic downtown Kearney. KDRG is divided into four Action Teams that are working with Missouri Main Street Connection to establish a revitalization organization that engages the entire community and implements strategies for long-term sustainability. Its success is dependent on developing a strong volunteer-based
organization with a diverse segment of our citizens.

Check the calendar below for Boardroom availability and the next KDRG meeting

KDRG is an initiative of the Kearney Enrichment Council (KEC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization focusing on improving the quality of life in Kearney. KEC also operates the Firehouse Creative Center and Kearney Food Pantry.